Don't Be Like Me- Go Get Your Mammogram

In keeping with the theme of Pinktober I would like to share my personal experience with keeping abreast of my health. The fact is I can be nonchalant about the whole screeing thing, which is why I'm super grateful for October where there's an almost daily in your face reminder.

Now I want you to hear me out... most times I'm good about doing my breast cancer screening. But sometimes I get this crazy fear and end up skipping it all together- which is not ok for obvious reasons...2021 was one of those years- a new baby and all island lockdown had my anxiety through the roof! While I was encouraging everyone (rightly so) to get their mammogram done, I could't even go through with making my appointment.

Why? After 3 close family members lost their fight with cancer in the span of a couple years, ticking NO to the question "any family history of breast cancer" was just no longer an option and that realization can be absolutely terrifying at times.

In 2022 I did better- kind of. I got screened but didn't pick up my results (yes I do that from time to time 🤦🏽‍♀️). My reasoning is that if I don't get a follow-up call from my doctor everything is a-ok. Which turns out to be a not so great way of thinking because by the time I got up the courage to call MONTHS later I found out that my results hadn't even been sent to my doctor as yet. Thankfully everything looked OK and I went back to relaxing for the next few months.

This year after I decided to take the leap a little earlier- before October rolled around and was given a well needed scolding by the technician. She told me how by the time her coworker got up the courage to do the necessary tests it was sadly too late. I'm thankful for her encouragement along with my friend who told me if not for myself, at least do it for my boys. Let me tell you those words got me ALL the way together. Trust me... no more playing games for me.

All of this to say, ladies, don't skip those vital diagnostic tests. If it turns out to be nothing, great. If it turns out to be something, the sooner you start taking care of yourself the better. Let's all do right by ourselves and our loved ones by doing what we have to do. October is a great reminder to get our ultrasound and mammogram done, and to take care of ourselves in general...wishing you strength and courage to do what you have to do. 💕