This is Ladies' Night!

Hi ladies! Welcome to PinkMafia's first ever blog entry.  And what better time to start this leg of our journey than on the eve of Ladies' Night In? Yes! September 22 is our night. Do you have anything planned? If you do, we'd like to help you with some tips to bear in mind and if not we hope you'll change your mind by the end of this post. Consider getting:

1. PAJAMAS: ...since you'll be snapping lots of pics to post. Don't forget other bedroom items like robes, cozy socks, bedroom slippers and eye masks as well.

2. VENUE: There's no place home when it comes to a girl night in but a hotel or Airbnb work as well. Just be sure that the place you choose has a central area for everyone, as well as enough space for the ladies to lounge in separate areas if they want.

3. DECORATION: You might opt for a theme such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, or Guilty Pleasures. Just be sure to reflect it in your decorations. If you don't have a theme in mind, simply using a super cute color combo works too.

4. SELF CARE ESSENTIALS: Turn your night into a time to pamper yourself. Get your favorite lippies, nail polish, under-eye patches, face masks, makeup...the list of self care items for your night in is virtually endless.

5. WINE & FOOD: You might want to skip the kitchen... Take out or finger foods are great options on this night! Get out those wine glasses too- you'll need them for your favourite alcoholic and non alcoholic wines.

6. ACTIVITIES: What's ladies' night in without some fun activities? Board games, makeup application, a dance off, karaoke or movies are always a hit. This could also be a great night for deep discussions on female topics too.

Whether you decide to keep it simple or have a full on partaay, make sure you connect with some of your girls and have a blast! And don't forget to tag PinkMafia on Instagram @pinkmafia242 in your Ladies' Night In looks💖